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The Big Live Björnlåten

World Nyckelharpa Day 2020 - 26th April

The final video of the Global Björnlåten is here!

We thought it would be amazing if as many nyckelharpa players around the world could play the same tune at the same time. So join us!

Sunday 26th April at 11UTC (midday London time) join nyckelharpa players around the world in playing Björnlåten! The idea is simple - just play the tune at 11am UTC (Midday London). Video yourself and share on social media, can be at the time or later. If you play along to the guide track you can be added to a global video (edited together after the event). Whatever you do - play the tune and use the hashtag #worldnyckelharpaday in your social media! Click here to see a sample list of times to figure out when 11am UTC is (it's midday in London)

We would like to make a memory of this event – so to make it extra special we have prepared a score and a guide track. We would like you to play along to this guide track (using headphones!) and film yourself. Post your video to social media, livestream it, tag it! Then send it in and we will edit all the movies into one big video to show us marking World Nyckelharpa Day 2020. This video doesn't have to made at 11:00 UTC - you can do it before or after! Instructions on how to film and send your videos in are below.

The most important thing is to play the tune at 11am UTC and to have fun!
Hugs from Marco at Burg Fürsteneck and Vicki

Video Instructions

If you would like to be included in the video to celebrate the event you will need to film yourself while you listen to the guide.
The guide video is below.
To download a pdf of the music - CLICK HERE!
There are four bars of click before the tune starts to help you start playing!
To download an mp3 file to play along to - CLICK HERE!

There is a four part ensemble version too if you'd like to help make this epic!
CLICK HERE for the pdf of the ensemble.

When you're ready to send in your video for editing together.
WeTransfer and send it to info{a}worldnyckelharpaday.com

So remember:
• At 11:00 UCT play Björnlåten!! (Midday BST, 13:00 European Time)
• Film yourself
• Send it out into social media!
• If you want to be in the big video, playalong to the guide track with headphones
• If you want to be in the video, but can't film at the time, do it some other time, but definitely do it!
• Send it in to us!




04:00 San Francisco
06:00 Chicago
70:00 New York & Toronto
11:00 UTC
12:00 Portugal
12:00 UK

Central Europe
19:00 East Coast Australia
19:00 Beijing
20:00 Tokyo
21:00 NZ


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