A Day dedicated to the nyckelharpa

The day was chosen to fall on the birthday of the legendary nyckelharpa player Byss-Calle - 26th April
Because of the Coronavirus Covid-19 many of the events that were planned have have to be cancelled.
This won't stop the day! Follow the hashtag #worldnyckelharpaday on your chosen social media!
Post your status update, take photographs, take part in one of the online collaborations.


World Nyckelharpa Day 2020
Wow - what can we say - that was AMAZING!!
The global pandemic of Covid19 was not going to stop the world celebrating the nyckelharpa in style.
We all came together as a community and celebrated from East to West, dawn to dusk!

The big Global Björnlåten has now been editied check it out on the Björnlåten page.
Because we were online you can still experience most of the day again - the links to each concert is on the events page. Follow it in order!If you enjoy the concerts and videos and workshop - please do think about donating to the artists - we've all had all our work taken from us and these are hard times.

In the meantime - thank you for this year - same again next year (with more face to face)!!!

Other Nyckelharpas




A Nearly Set!



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